Durable Medical Equipment:
a tough challenge.

Too many operational inefficiencies. Widely ranging product standards. Confusing and conflicting payor requirements. Lack of expertise in the payor sector of technologies and equipment. These are among the reasons durable medical equipment (DME) presents a tough challenge for most health insurance plans and DME providers.

What’s more, the DME segment of the health care market has largely been overlooked in favor of high-cost categories such as inpatient, physician and pharmacy claims. Because of this relative lack of attention, the management of DME costs and utilization is often poor and operational requirements are complex, redundant, and inappropriately reimbursed.

Apropô Benefits Management can help.  A tested and trusted resource, Apropô ensures high-quality DME products, high member satisfaction and appropriate clinical outcomes. 

There’s a growing awareness of the real need for DME benefits management among everyone involved – health plan professionals, providers and their patients, as well as DME vendors. DME benefits can become more streamlined and cost-effective, just as pharmacy benefits management has helped reduce pharmaceutical costs, ensure quality, expedite prior authorization and claims management, and provide utilization reporting.

Apropô has addressed the need for DME benefits management and applied its expertise to provide solutions that meet varied expectations and needs. Diverse in its capabilities, flexible in its implementation and unique in its focus on an area too long ignored, Apropô also brings an ethics-driven dedication and equitable regard to every stakeholder.


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